At Zenith, we design tailored solutions for our clients' power generation needs. We evaluate all fuel alternatives to provide the most efficient power solution. 

Our alternate fuel source options include: natural gas; liquid petroleum gas; diesel (thermal); renewables; solar; wind; and hybrid systems comprising a combination of any of these. Our ability to integrate fuel sources provides our clients with substantial social, financial and environmental benefits and differentiates us as an industry leader in the application of hybrid multi-fuel power solutions. We are unrivalled in the industry in our capability to provide tailored, innovative solutions.


Diesel generation solutions are a cost-effective fuel sources suitable for off-grid locations where gas or grid infrastructure is unavailable.


Gas fuel generators are a cost-effective power generation solution where access to infrastructure exists.

Hybrid / Renewables

Integrating the environmental benefits of solar and wind with diesel and gas for reliable, cost-effective power generation solutions.