Our Build - Own - Operate (BOO) service model allows clients to deploy their capital more effectively within their business.

What is a BOO contract?

Under a BOO contact Zenith will provide the capital, own and operate the facility.  We undertake the design, construction, installation and commissioning of the facility and take full responsibility for its ongoing management and operation.

BOO contracts are a cost-effective solution for providing reliable, state-of-the-art power for the life of your project.

Client Benefits

Our clients' benefit from the BOO agreement through:

  • Security of supply
  • Lowest levelised cost of power
  • Optimisation of invested capital in core business activity
  • Access to leading IP technology and products to deliver higher quality and more reliable power
  • Reduced depreciation
  • The flexibility of fuel sources to optimise power costs
  • Around the clock support from experts in power station management and operation
  • Budget visibility and predictability over power costs
  • Remote monitoring and control

Tailored Solutions

We provide a fully integrated service from initial engineering design, procurement and construction through to project delivery – ensuring your projects are delivered on time and on budget. Our experienced team will create a tailored solution using the best combination of fuel sources, products and the industry’s latest technologies. 

Our clients benefit from Zenith delivering fit-for-purpose power solutions.

Ongoing Management

Following the installation and commissioning of a BOO facility we manage the day-to-day operation of the power station.  In having the team design, construct, manage and operate the power station our clients benefit from optimum operational efficiency, reliability and security of supply.

Remote Monitoring and Support

We operate site monitoring, remote monitoring and a central control room from our Head Office, where we have visibility of every power station we manage. We will monitor and proactively identify potential system problems, ensuring we can address them before a shutdown or unplanned power outage is experienced.

We also ensure all our technical managers have a detailed understanding and work experience at every project we develop. They are available 24/7 to assist our on-site team and clients if required.